Welcome to the dental clinic «Maxident»!

The main direction of our work is a high quality dental care at reasonable prices.

In our clinic orthodontists, therapists, orthopedists and a pediatric dentist work as the members of one team that ensures the best result of treatment and prosthetics. Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry is one of our main directions (I have twenty years of experience in this area) and we have the whole range of orthodontic services. The full cycle of treatment includes consultations of all experts, the individual plan of treatment, developed for each patient, which guarantees a complex solution to any problem. Moreover, choosing the method of treatment, we are guided by the principle of eliminating not only the effects of the disease, but also its causes, which allows to gain patient’s confidence and eventually to carry out all dental treatment properly.

Our comfortable clinic has all modern facilities and experienced doctors; it has all necessary licenses and certificates.

Our premises meet all medical requirements and in addition, our cosy and home-like atmosphere is conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable treatment, which is so often lacking in large dental centers.

Dental clinic “Maxident” is a clinic, which is always glad to welcome its patience.

We are ready to do our best for your smile and to help with any problems and diseases of teeth and gums, even, apparently, the most hopeless.

If you are interested in our services, we advise you to make an appointment immediately and then you will be able to discuss everything with the attending doctor directly.




The head physician of the dental clinic «Maxident»,

Marina Korneeva

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