Pediatric dentistry is defined as a separate specialty not accidently. It is necessary to take care about your teeth from the early childhood. And a pediatric dentist can help you to do it. He treats both children’s temporary (milk) and permanent teeth. Many parents mistakenly believe that milk teeth do not need to be treated, as they will fall out.

In addition to psychological features of children’s treatment, you must take into consideration the following aspects: temporary teeth differ from permanent in size (they are smaller), they have a thinner layer of hard tissue (the tooth enamel layer is about 1 mm), their surface is rougher and they have a low degree of mineralization. That is why temporary teeth are less resistant to negative factors.

Another important feature of the development of a child’s dental system is that the roots of temporary teeth are situated closely to the permanent teeth buds. If caries of a “milk tooth” is not cured in time, the infection affects a nerve and the pulpitis develops. Further, the infection can spread through root canals into the bone tissue, which can damage permanent tooth bud (beginning from enamel pathology in the form of spots or defects to the total loss of a tooth).


Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect treatment of milk teeth. And you also shouldn’t be afraid, because modern children’s dentistry in Kaliningrad «Maxident» allows to treat young patients without fear and pain.

Of course, the children’s dental treatment is more problematic than adults’ one. This is because of restlessness of a child, possible contraindications for radiography and anesthesia. But modern painkillers and ability of the doctor to find a psychological contact with the young patient allow to carry out the procedure absolutely comfortably.

If you entrust the health of your child to our experts, you can be absolutely sure that all the necessary efforts will be made to maintain it.


Every child should remember his childhood as cheerful, joyful, informative, but not toothless time! Our children’s dentistry can make your child please you with a radiant smile every day. To achieve this, you should consult your dentist just twice a year and treat potential pathologies in time.

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